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The Lazy Peoples Guide to start Writing Blog Posts & How to Write Better


I am the laziest there is, no doubt about that! I am also not a great writer. I am a decent writer and believe I have a pinch of talent writing text — even though I’m Swedish and the midsummer snaps make me splutter for the most of the year. By the way — for those who don’t already know; those snaps are disgusting, but us Swedes have to drink them anyways because that’s how it always has been...

OmniFocus Tip #1: Clutter free with the “In-N-Out” Perspective


An OmniFocus Series by This post is my first in a — probably very long — series of OmniFocus tips. Hit that Follow -button and get first in line to explore the things I’m about to reveal. Is it just me, or is the list of all those small and quick tasks just like garbage cluttering the streets? Just as I want a clean desk when I sit down to work in the morning, I want a clean...

Eat The Frog: a.k.a. do the task you avoid the most, first


You have probably heard this frog metaphor once or twice before, especially if you’re a geek when it comes to task management. So, what does this metaphor mean? Everyone has one or multiple tasks they avoid doing. It may be sending in papers for tax purposes, removing that wasp nest in the garage. The tasks that you have the most tendency to avoid. Complete those first! To wait is not an option...

My business has ADHD, but that’s OK!


Who decides what’s normal? ADHD is just a synonym for Brain 2.0 This story is about running a photography/online -business, diagnosed with ADHD and the fact that I like it. I started this blog because I needed a place where I can be completely honest. Without filters, proofreading, sales pitch or anything keeping me from writing what I want. With that said, this is not an ADHD blog where I write...