OmniFocus Tip #2: What’s on the top of your mind? — In- box Strategy


The Problem I’m not sure if it’s because of my diagnose or if it’s just how I am, but I tend to jump (like a frog!) between the things on my mind(mostly in the morning). It’s almost like I never get in time to the dentist appointment because there is so much interruption on the way that makes me change the route. Do you recognize your self in this metaphor? The things I...

My business has ADHD, but that’s OK!


Who decides what’s normal? ADHD is just a synonym for Brain 2.0 This story is about running a photography/online -business, diagnosed with ADHD and the fact that I like it. I started this blog because I needed a place where I can be completely honest. Without filters, proofreading, sales pitch or anything keeping me from writing what I want. With that said, this is not an ADHD blog where I write...