Eat The Frog: a.k.a. do the task you avoid the most, first


You have probably heard this frog metaphor once or twice before, especially if you’re a geek when it comes to task management. So, what does this metaphor mean?

Everyone has one or multiple tasks they avoid doing. It may be sending in papers for tax purposes, removing that wasp nest in the garage.

The tasks that you have the most tendency to avoid. Complete those first! To wait is not an option since they will be harder and harder to finish the longer you wait. Work on them until you’ve checked them off!

Always eat the ugliest frog first. Then, the less ugly frog will not taste as bad as the first one. If you stare at the ugliest frog too long, you will avoid eating it even more, so it’s important to eat it right away.

Three reasons why you should do the hardest tasks first(eating the frog)

There are plenty of reasons, but those are the most prominent.

  1. In the morning you are more likely to complete hard tasks.
  2. Your mental anxiety over these tasks will go away. You will feel good for the rest of the day and will complete more tasks.
  3. These tasks are most likely important since they’re still on the list. Finish them is a big win.

How to “eat the frog”?

I will cover this in coming posts here at, so make sure you hit that Follow -button right away. There is a lot for me to reveal and for you to learn.

Can’t wait?
There are a plethora of books written about eating frogs, and of course, they go a little deeper into the subject.

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