How to Improve your Typing Skills and have fun while doing it



Why you should read this

Not only will you be a faster writer, you will feel more relaxed while doing it. Feeling more relaxed is a good thing. You may lay your focus on your content and not on hitting the right keys. I believe everyone could benefit in practicing typing.

Personally I struggled finding the . and , -keys. I always pressed the wrong keys, until I started practicing knowing where those keys are without looking.

I’m surprised how much better(faster and more accurate) I have been, and suddenly it feels more fun to write.

The basics, just to get you started

Follow these simple rules, and you will be a typing wiz in no time.

  • Don’t ever look down on your keyboard.
  • Always return to home position ASDF + JKL
  • Learn to return “home” by finding markers on F and J
  • Make sure you use the right finger for the job, every time!

Getting started

Head over to Create your account and start at the ‘Beginner’ level.

Make sure you do it right. Don’t try to beat any high scores yet.

Practice, practice and practice some more – it’s fun!

It will take a while completing all lessons, but the reward when you’ve completed it is well worth the time. Learning to write faster and more accurate is all about repetition. When you do it wrong, you do it again until you get it right.

The average typing speed is somewhere around 40 words per minute. I’m sure you will get there soon enough.

Remember to always use the right finger for the job. Rather go slow and be accurate.

Can you beat the frog?

If you do, no hard feelings – promise!

I’ve just passed the 400 minute mark – yes, that sounds all weird, doesn’t it!? Typing for almost 7 hours, but this was accomplished by practicing a little each morning before hitting the work load.


Practicing a good typing skill is not only about typing faster. When you learn to write accurately you will also feel more relaxed, and you may be able to focus on what you write without sneaking at your keyboard all the time.

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