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I am the laziest there is, no doubt about that! I am also not a great writer. I am a decent writer and believe I have a pinch of talent writing text — even though I’m Swedish and the midsummer snaps make me splutter for the most of the year. By the way — for those who don’t already know; those snaps are disgusting, but us Swedes have to drink them anyways because that’s how it always has been. Ridiculous!? Yes!

The Myth: writing is hard and time-consuming

Your companion — the brain, thinks that writing articles is a long process that takes valuable time from doing other(funnier) stuff — like scrolling through page after page on Wish, or reach level 2375 in Candy Crush Saga.

The brain fools you everyday. It tells you that eating a bag of smågodis is a good thing, It tells you that getting Pizza is the right thing to do, and it even makes to you believe it is good for you.

It’s the same when it comes to writing blog posts. The brain will try to make you eat that pizza, but instead your should tell the brain that you are in charge, and that you will do what’s next on your to-do list; write that blog post! That’s how you should do it.

In other words: Eat That Frog! 🐸

David Allen — Creator of the Getting Things Done® methodology, said that the brain is not good at holding ideas, it is good at having them.

True! But let’s have those ideas and put them in our Inbox, and deal with them later.

The Reality: writing blog posts is fun, and not very time-consuming

The reality is that writing blog posts does not take more time than you spend on social media each week. Facebook takes in average 35 minutes each day, and In 7 days thats about 4 hours.

Across today’s most popular social media platforms, people are spending the following daily averages:

YouTube: 40 minutes

Facebook: 35 minutes

Snapchat: 25 minutes

Instagram: 15 minutes

Twitter: 1 minute

Read full article and see Infographic here

However, creating content is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business in the long run. I may sit in hours on social media, or searching for the best font for a web page, or being stuck in OmniFocus creating a workflow that makes it easy for me to create blog posts, instead of creating them. Yeah… almost as silly as those snaps!

You have to make a decision though. If you should be in the business of writing, you can not be that lazy. Consider taking 15 minutes each day from your social media obsession, and you will have some great content in the end of the week.

4 valuable tips that will help you finalize your post today, and prove to your brain that writing is both fun and easy

Always outline before you start writing!

If I only was allowed to give one tip, this would be it!

Your would never record a movie without having a manuscript, right? Same thing with writing — you should outline first(writing the manuscript), then you make your first draft.

Outlining will also help prevent Writer’s Block, because if you stuck in one part you can go on to the next.

I use OmniOutliner for creating my outline, but a text file will work as well.

Setting the timer ⏲

Set a timer as you start writing. I guarantee that it will not take as long as you think. As a matter of fact, you will be able to write an awesome post in less than one hour. Much less! This is valuable for you to know, next time you’re sitting down to write.

Spelling and Grammar Check, with Grammarly

My English writing(and certainly not my speaking) is not perfect. English is not my primary language, so maybe that’s not strange at all. I don’t think it matters for the most part though. Would you mind if my grammar wasn’t 100% correct? Probably not, but at least I feel that when writing to you I want it to be professional.

When you (think) are satisfied with your text, add it to Grammarly(web app). You will probably be amazed how much it actually finds!
When you (think) are satisfied with your text, add it to Grammarly(web app). You will probably be amazed how much it actually finds!

I found Grammarly a while ago. It’s a free service, but you can pay($29.95/month or $139.95/year) for additional correction. I decided to see it as an investment and pay for it. Grammarly will catch errors that your eyes may skip. At least my eyes, but again — those snaps!

If scoring 100 I feel confident enough to publish my post!

A score of 100 means that Grammarly things your text is correct. Yay!
A score of 100 means that Grammarly things your text is correct. Yay!

You don’t need to buy Grammarly. The free version is great. If you like it you may consider making the investment. It’s well worth it if you have decided to be a blogger.

Make a schedule when to publish your remarkable post

You don’t have to post everyday, but you have to be consistent if you want readers. That’s why you should plan your posts. Because if you don’t, I can guarantee it will drain into the sand.

The Conclusion

Writing blog posts is important for your business. You will gain trust among your growing amount of followers, and if they trust you, they will buy everything you tell them to buy.

It is not that hard or time-consuming as you may think writing a blog post. Just get going, and get used to it.

You’ve probably heard the expression “Content Is King”. Google — which has 75% of all the search traffic, 4,464,000,000 searches every day — loves great content! If you want to drive traffic to your blog, your articles has to be good. I will not go deeper in to this, because that’s an full length article on its own.

Thank You!

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Bonus: Learn about the Swedish midsummer

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